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dwgPlotX - Multipurpose AutoCAD Batch Plot and Batch Script Utility

dwgPlotX - Batch Plot AutoCAD

Plotting of AutoCAD drawings is a major operation in every drawing office that consumes lot of time and effort.
With dwgPlotX, multiple drawings can be plotted at the click of a button to any selected plotter.
If a pdf plotter is selected, the drawings get converted to pdf format for universal viewing.
In addition, through the ScriptRunner interface, AutoCAD scripts can be created to perform any desired drawing operation, tested and deployed to operate on a large number of drawings at once.
Other file management features include batch renaming and batch exporting the drawings to various formats.

See dwgPlotX in Action:

dwgPlotX in Action

dwgPlotX works with your existing AutoCAD installation, and harnesses its immense power to make operate on a large number of files with ease and speed.
Through ScriptRunner, AutoCAD LT can also be used for batch plotting and file operations by using scripts.

Main Features:

  • Script-Free and easy/one-touch Batch Plotting for AutoCAD and Script Assisted one for AutoCAD LT
  • Easy ways to select desired files and folders with multiple folders selection, sub-folders search, sorting, filtering etc. The selections can be saved to File lists to open later on
  • All settings get saved for personal preferences and quick start and hassle free operation
  • ScriptRunner interface to run AutoCAD scripts on multiple files, with detailed script creation, testing and scheduling options
  • Useful Add-On File management Features like Batch Export & Batch Rename
  • Sleek & User-Friendly Interface with Three Professional Themes to choose from
  • Many little features to simplify the job of plotting and batch operations

Batch Rename Specialist - For Files and Folders

Batch Rename Specialist - for Files & Folders

Do you possess a large collection of images taken from Mobile phone or Camera on your PC with non-descript and mechanical names like image001.jpg, DSC0095.jpg, 123999.jpg instead of real descriptive names like Hawaii_Holiday001.jpg, Birthday_Party_0530PM, 3rd_Anniversary, Paris_Visit_Sunday_4:45PM etc?

Or you have large number of files whose names you would like to change, for better organization?

Or you have any other file/folder re-naming needs?

Demo Video

Then Batch Rename Specialist is what you need to rename large number of files or folders at the click of a button. The real strength of BRS lies in the number of ways files and folders can be re-named : replace characters with meaningful phrases, suffix and prefix with a number of in-built options including Date, Time, Text, Numeric Counter, Alphabetic Counter, file size, JPEG Exif data, MP3 ID3 Tag data etc. Rearrange the order of these operations to give your files unique names.


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